Uncle Flip
I grew up down the road in Tuscaloosa, at a safe distance from the ‘Ham. In 1996, an interest in self-preservation (paying rent, eating, etc.) drew me into the metro. A few years later, I decided life on the edge of a golf course was too quiet- and moved to Birmingham’s Five Points South, where I sill live. I’ve found the Magic City (or Tragic City, as I sometimes prefer) a place that sometimes frustrates me, and sometimes amuses me. I enjoy Birmingham, and it often presents interesting things I’d like to share. I hope you get as much from the ‘Ham as I do.

We’d love to get contributions from readers! If you have anything interesting or amusing that smells of ‘Ham, send it in. The address is: baconbits -at- randomham -dot- net. (You didn’t think we’d feed the bots with a link, did you? Oh, and we really are serious about that address.)