We had a nice city, and you had to go make it weird!

Bonus points to my friends who know the reference. Some strange folks hit town this weekend- and I mean strange in a good way. Imagicon started Friday, and I finally managed to drop by today. Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed- but that is MY fault. I went on a Sunday, the last day, so it wasn’t at it’s peak. Also, I was too cheap to actually go in, so I hung out in the lobby of the building, where there weren’t so many people. I didn’t see too much, but there were a few things worth a mention.

First, I found out what’s inside stormtrooper armor! Apparently, it’s ninjas.

Rich, creamy ninja filling!

The star Wars crew are apparently a silly bunch. There was a chamber that is apparently to replicate the feeling of a tornado (or at least, I assumed that’s what it was based on some readouts inside, and the fact it did kick up LOTS of wind…but it was totally unlabeled), and someone thought it might be fun to lock a hapless stormtrooper inside.

Swirling stormtrooper

Then, it was Leia’s turn. She started doing the whole Marilyn Monroe bit, but wound up just showing some leg to the adoring masses.

Leia's leg.

I popped off down the hall a bit, and ran into this guy. I am not into steampunk at all. but I have to admit, his powered wheelchair is pretty cool.

OK, steampunk might actually be cool.

Sci-fi conventions are not just made up of 34 year old guys who live in their mother’s basement. Some of the guys are a little older. Not sure if his mom is still around, though…

That basement floor is really bad for his back...

Coming back to the Star Wars gang, I found my favourite shot of the day. At least you won’t see this guy begging on a street corner…

You won't see him by the side of the interstate...

Next year, I might actually go into Imagicon. Based on the gang I found int he lobby, it looks like a fun bunch. It may not be the biggest or the baddest sci-fi convention, but it’s Birmingham’s sci-fi convention, and that’s a big reason why I like it.

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