Dueling demonstrations.

I’m a couple of days late with this, but it’s been a couple of busy/eventful days.

Tuesday morning, I was out having a coffee and reading, when I ran into my friend Rev. Jack Zylman. He mentioned he was there for a Birmingham Peace Project event, so I followed him over. A group of BPP folks were there to welcome marchers headed north to draw attention to the plight of the poor.

Peace Project

A photographer from the competiton showed up, and interviewed Jack….but there’s something else happening in the background….

Jack Interview

On another street corner, PETA had nearly naked women in a shower, to promote a vegtarian lifestyle…

Dueling demonstrations!

Fortunately, I have a good lens. Here’s a closer look.

Nearly naked PETA ladies

I was going to head over to get some shots of the showering ladies, but things got interesting on our corner. A city worker showed up and asked if Peace Project had a permit for a protest. They explained it wasn’t a protest, but they were merely gathering to wait for the marchers. He seemed satisfied with that, and asked only that people spread out so they didn’t block the sidewalk.

Do you have a permit?

Shortly after we fanned out, we saw smoke coming for a drain grate in the sidewalk. A fire truck rolled up shortly after, but first turned to go toward the PETA folks (wouldn’t you?). Eventually, they came over and inspected the drain. A fire extinguisher solved the problem.

White smoke...they've elected a new Pope

Our next visitor was a guy with a bag of burgers. He apparently showed up to offer them to the PETA folks. (It was at least his second PETA event. Last time around, he offered them fried chicken.) Of cours,e the peta folks refused- bt there were some hungry non-vegetarians in Peace Project. Here, he’s trying to get rid of his last burger.

Free burger...

I finally decided to go across and visit with the ladies. I noticed they had a visitor, as well. Apparently, this police officer’s only job is to videotape demonstrations such as this.

Camera cop

It turns out, my timing was bad. Just as I arrived, the ladies were suiting up (note the robes inside the shower) to break down and leave.

Shower's over

BTW, the PETA folks were really nice people. I never did catch the name of the following lass, but we chatted for a bit, and I found she’d been at the previous PETA event in Birmingham. Maybe we’ll meet again. Either way, it’s very rare that on my second meeting with a young lass, we part ways with her in a bathrobe. Gotta fix that.

Rolling up to go...

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