Rollins rolls into the ‘Ham.

I’ve been a big fan of Henry Rollins‘ monologues for quite some time now. Friday afternoon, I realized he was appearing at Workplay on Saturday. A quick call about tickets proved it to be (as I had suspected) sold out. Fortunately, friends came to the rescue, and I got in.

If you’ve never been to a Rollins show, go. He weaves a thick manic tapestry of experiences from his travels, his history in music, and his other life experiences- in this case, including things like being a judge in a reality show about drag performers. (I won’t recount the funny ending of that one here…) He tends to stay in one spot on the stage, never easing up in his death grip on the microphone, and using little more than his right hand to act out his stories. His style is one of screaming, poking fun at himself, and being extremely funny about the overly strange things that happen to him around the world. In nearly three hours of the monologue, he rarely paused, and totally ignored his water bottle. He’s a bit intense, and that’s what makes him so mesmerizing. The first picture, while a mistake, looks a bit like the way I tend to remember his shows. :)

A blur of Rollins...

Rollins said it was a very good crowd ‘except for that one drunk guy’, who was, unfortunately, next to my table.

Rollins on stage

This is sort of Rollins’ natural state. When I think of him on stage, this is the image I get. This was during a routine about his guide in Laos, who had some very interesting phraseology.

His natural state...

Finally, a shot from after the show. It’s a couple of new friends taking a picture with Rollins and a tiny toy dog that’s sort of their mascot. In the back is the bus Rollins likes to call the Bon Jovi Mobile.

With the Bon Jovi Mobile.

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