Nothing says ‘Opa!’ like eating lunch in a parking deck.

A non-traditional lunch is a big tradition in Birmingham. Every year, thousands of people gather in the parking deck of a downtown church for a massive Greek fest that centers on the food.

Greek food in a parking deck!

A parking deck isn’t the most inviting atmosphere for lunch, but people keep coming back for the good eats. It was load and hot, but the company was good- and somewhere in the background, we could actually hear a Greek band (Well, actually some guys with a drum machine and a few bouzoukis) playing Miserlou.

The assembly line.

The folks who put on the festival have a lot of practice at feeding thousands in a place designed more for storing cars than being a dining hall. Over nearly four decades, they’ve developed a great assembly line technique for keeping folks from standing in line.

I enjoyed my short stay in the parking deck- but I doubt I return during the rest of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for one of my true loves- the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. This year will be a challenging one- as I love short films, and the blocks of shorts are way too close together timewise- and way too far apart geographically.

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