Apologies for going off and leaving you.

I realized tonight that my post about meeting Jimmy and Jeff was my first in well over two weeks. It’s not that Birmingham doesn’t have enough to offer; it’s just that I’ve been out of town, and had a few other things happening. The biggest interruption was a trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, during which I was also sort of abducted and forcibly given media credentials to the Adult Entertainment Expo. (Yeah…it’s a long story about the abduction. The expo also wasn’t quite what I expected. Next time you see me at J. Clyde, I might tell you the story.) I was disappointed that this year, I didn’t find anyone from Birmingham at CES (at least, no-one who would admit to being from Birmingham). There was one Corning employee who, during his demonstration of Gorilla Glass, mentioned he grew up in Sulligent. I was very shocked when he told me I was the first person he’d met who actually knows where Sulligent is.

But I digress. I’m back in the ‘Ham now, and will hopefully get some new posts up soon. It’s good to be back in the Tragic City.

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