Happy hour got a little happier.

I got off early today, and decided to pop in to J. Clyde, only to see someone interviewing my friend, Free The Hops president Stuart Carter. When they were done, I struck up a conversation with the guy, who turned out to be Jimmy Ludwig of The Happy Hour Guys (below, in a really crappy cell phone picture).

Jimmy of The Happy Hour Guys

I got on well with Jimmy and his photographer, (the stat guy) Jeff. Over the next two and a half hours or so, they talked extensively with me and my friend Joseph about all sorts of things related to beer, breweries, mead, the craziness of our state legislature, and much more. A couple of times during our chat, Jeff turned the camera on us while Jimmy conducted short (and fun) interviews on a variety of topics. Look for Joseph and myself to appear in The Happy Hour Guys in a few weeks, if our craziness doesn’t earn us a spot on the cutting room floor! It was good to make these new friends, and the friendships will hopefully continue!

Jimmy and Jeff have an interesting gig: right now, they’re both in the cast of the traveling production of The 101 Dalmatians, and in their spare time they visit pubs to meet the locals and talk beer. (Sounds like a life I could enjoy.) Tomorrow morning, they’re off to Nashville- but hopefully, they’ll be back in Birmingham soon!

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