The Ham’s off. Today, we have chicken.

Actually, yesterday’s ‘Ham was chicken, and I’m just a little late posting it. I’d gotten a ticket to the Kick’n Chick’n Wing Fest- which was a cook-off to benefit Magic Moments, a group that helps grant wishes to terminally ill children- but I got there very late in the fest. This is NOT advisable when the fest involves good eats. A few restaurants were starting to run out of wings when I arrived- including Demetri’s BBQ, which had just won the People’s Choice award.

Demetri's wins People's Choice

I didn’t get to sample the wings from Demetri’s, but I did get to try the awesome guava and habanero hot wings from another big winner:

Sweet Bones wins Best All Around

On the other end of the sensory spectrum, my next-block-over neighbor, Mellow Mushroom, won the Sweetest Thang award, and the Shake Your Tailfeather award, for best booth decoration. (I’m just happy noone made any Tailhook jokes, especially considering the lovely lasses running said booth.) The winning wings are the ones in the foreground of the shot. Oddly, the only ones in the picture I did not try. I guess it gives me yet another reason to make the long one block walk to the ‘Shroom.

Mellow Mushroom wings

Don’t ask what this is all about. I know, but it’s more fun if I don’t tell you.

Feed your goat

Now that you know some of the best wing spots in town (locals, please comment with your faves!), let’s move on to some of the other things at the fest. First, you’ll see a little blue bag flying through the air at the top of the next photo. That’s right- it sounds Freudian but isn’t- the family that cornholes together stays together.

The family that cornholes together stays together.

And what southern fest would be complete without a band playing bad covers of classic rock & blues? OK, that was harsh. They actually are good musicians, even if I don’t care for their playlist.

Covers on a trailer...

“Keep practicing, kid…someday you can also be a creepy bass player in a cover band….”

Creepy bass player.  OK, he wasn't that creepy.

I left after about 30 minutes, as the event was wrapping up. On the way out, I found my stalkers. These Monster folks have their truck everywhere I go- even if it’s just late night in the nearly empty parking lot of my grocery store. This time, they handed me a free can of the stuff. Could come in handy in a couple of weeks, when I get the 3am shift.

My stalkers

Even though I was only there for about 30 minutes, I enjoyed the fest. I was happy to make some new friends, see some old ones, and also to have yet another body on-site for an event to support a group doing some very good work.

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