If anyone makes a Who Let The Dogs Out? reference, I’ll punch them in the teeth.

Where’s the beef? Not on my burger. A few days ago, my friend Robbie gave me a tip about Baha Gourmet Burgers, the new lunch spot near my office.


To its credit, it’s also open for dinner. Even more to its credit, it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in quite a while. I had a chicken burger with arugula and tropical salsa. That’s just the sort of thing you’ll find there. Burgers range from beef to pork to salmon to veggie. You can get them with chutney, remoulade, Aioli, and a variety of other toppings. Each of their regular-build burgers even has a beer pairing on the menu….even the baby burger for kids. It’s paired with root beer. :)

So why post about a new burger joint? Besdies the fact it’s pretty tasty, I was interested to see there are just three lcoations: two in the metro (Hoover, to be exact), and another in Isla Ensenada. Yes, that’s right- it’s in that wonderland of malaria, Panama. Now, the other interesting bit. It was founded by the owners of a small chain of Greek restaurants. Let’s do the math: purveyors of Greek fare open a Hawaiian-surfer-scene themed burger joint, and open one in central America. I don’t really get it, either…but I do do get that the sweet potato fries are very tasty.

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