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Let the stereotypes commence….

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Beer & Irish music together, who’da thunk it? I went down to J. Clyde tonight to lead a beer tasting (thanks for all the kind words, folks!), and at the end ran into something I hadn’t expected. My friends Jill & Dan were out front jamming with a violinist on some Irish tunes. I knew some folks came down for sessions regularly, but I didn’t realize it was always on Wednesday evenings. Unfortunately, they leave before I generally get there around 11. I’ll have to take more Wednesdays off. :)

Jill & Dan jam

Apologies for going off and leaving you.

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I realized tonight that my post about meeting Jimmy and Jeff was my first in well over two weeks. It’s not that Birmingham doesn’t have enough to offer; it’s just that I’ve been out of town, and had a few other things happening. The biggest interruption was a trip to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, during which I was also sort of abducted and forcibly given media credentials to the Adult Entertainment Expo. (Yeah…it’s a long story about the abduction. The expo also wasn’t quite what I expected. Next time you see me at J. Clyde, I might tell you the story.) I was disappointed that this year, I didn’t find anyone from Birmingham at CES (at least, no-one who would admit to being from Birmingham). There was one Corning employee who, during his demonstration of Gorilla Glass, mentioned he grew up in Sulligent. I was very shocked when he told me I was the first person he’d met who actually knows where Sulligent is.

But I digress. I’m back in the ‘Ham now, and will hopefully get some new posts up soon. It’s good to be back in the Tragic City.

Happy hour got a little happier.

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I got off early today, and decided to pop in to J. Clyde, only to see someone interviewing my friend, Free The Hops president Stuart Carter. When they were done, I struck up a conversation with the guy, who turned out to be Jimmy Ludwig of The Happy Hour Guys (below, in a really crappy cell phone picture).

Jimmy of The Happy Hour Guys

I got on well with Jimmy and his photographer, (the stat guy) Jeff. Over the next two and a half hours or so, they talked extensively with me and my friend Joseph about all sorts of things related to beer, breweries, mead, the craziness of our state legislature, and much more. A couple of times during our chat, Jeff turned the camera on us while Jimmy conducted short (and fun) interviews on a variety of topics. Look for Joseph and myself to appear in The Happy Hour Guys in a few weeks, if our craziness doesn’t earn us a spot on the cutting room floor! It was good to make these new friends, and the friendships will hopefully continue!

Jimmy and Jeff have an interesting gig: right now, they’re both in the cast of the traveling production of The 101 Dalmatians, and in their spare time they visit pubs to meet the locals and talk beer. (Sounds like a life I could enjoy.) Tomorrow morning, they’re off to Nashville- but hopefully, they’ll be back in Birmingham soon!

Pizza fail….and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

You’ve seen him on TV commercials, and in print ads….and today ‘Papa’ John Schnatter came to my ‘hood, complete with his now-famous Camaro, a small media circus, and autograph hunters (the ‘random hand’ at right). Of course, he was here for the Bowl.

John arrives...

After meeting a few fans outside, he headed inside to take a turn at cranking out a pizza. I was happy to see he hit the handwashing station first. The boss never would have heard the end of it if he’d launched in without proper sanitation.

Keeping clean...

He said it had been a very long time since he’d made a pizza, but he seemed to do just fine, even while dodging a crowd of cameras.

Like riding a bike...

John’s words caught up with him when he placed his finished pie on an oven conveyor that was turned off, then went off for a quick interview. (A few minutes later, a store employee spotted his mistake, and put it on the working conveyor.)

Pizza fail.

John really was a super nice guy, and when he headed outside, even hopped in the Camaro and revved the engine so we could hear how mean it sounded. He then left not in the Camaro, but in the furthest back of seats in an SUV. You’d think they’d let the boss ride up front. :)