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It’s not quite girls on sheep…

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The Alabama State Fair starts this weekend. It’s sure to be a chance to see a unique segment of humanity, while offering the opportunity to sample such culinary delights as roasted corn and deep-fried Twinkies. But there’s one thing the organizers do NOT want you to miss. Indeed, it’s been mentioned in every fair advertisement I’ve seen or heard. (This makes someone in broadcasting take notice. When an entity has the opportunity for multiple ads, the usual strategy is to feature different points in the different ads.) The people at the fair don’t want you to leave without witnessing the spectacle of monkeys riding dogs. What could be any more all-American than spider monkeys dressed up and plopped on the back of a flea-bitten pooch?

Some of you reading this may not be near Pelham, where the fair is held- or may not have plans to go to the fair. Never fear, you will not miss this amazing attraction. All you have to do is play the video below….if you dare.

By the way…if you’re wondering about the reference in the title, just follow the bouncing link

Half-parked halfwits

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

I took a break from work tonight to grab dinner, and also had to grab pictures of the appalling parking I saw. Unfotunately, this sort of thing is far too common in the metro. In the following picture, we start with the three cars in the foreground. Not a single one is in a parking space- not even by one wheel. The spaces run out with the Ford minivan, fourth in line. (We’ll get to that later.) Making new parking spaces because you’re too lazy or stupid to walk all the way from one of the many available spaces in the lot (and there were dozens) isn’t even what gets me here. What got under my skin was that these non-parking morons were blocking a major path in and out of the lot.

Half-parked halfwits

Now, we move on to that van. Check out how it’s half-parked in the last space- and how the full size van next door is also parked. If you can’t get your vehicle into a space, don’t force it. Just go to a part of the lot where there are a couple of free spaces (and no morons trying to park where there are no spaces), and straddle all you want.

Half-parked halfwits

Remember those dozens of free spaces I mentioned? I used one of them, and had to walk a full 50 feet to the door of the restaurant. I bet the assembled drivers inside thought I was crazy, and considered sending out emergency crews with oxygen and water supplies for my marathon-like trek.

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