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Bean, beans, the musical fruit…

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

When I think of Pinson, of course I think of beans. What, you don’t? Didn’t you know Pinson is home of the Alabama Butterbean Festival? This year’s festival was a pretty big deal. That’s because they made a prety big pot of beans. In fact, it was a world record pot of beans.

musical fruit....

When I say it’s a world record pot of beans, I’m not kidding. A 1,010 gallon pot of beans even got the attention of the fine folks at Guinness. They even sent a lovely young lass down form New York to present certification of the big feat. (And yeah, Phil’s right. 1,010.65 gallons.)

Guinness agrees!

Of course, a butterbean festival wouldn’t be complete without a mascot (Bucky, of course) and a butterbean queen.


Of course, the centerpiece IS the beans-which oddly were called baked beans. Here, Phil shows they are definitely NOT baked.

Stirrin' the pot...

Our lovely young lass from Guinness was a good sport, and sampled the product. She said they were pretty good…though she does look a little scared.

scared of a few little beans???

Small town festivals will always prove one thing. Even if you think a top hat will make people think you’re Slash (regardless of the fact you’re playing a sax), you’re still just wearing a top hat while you play in a cover band.

Hep, but not hep enough.

I went to the fest because I’m rather easily amused. I’m happy to say it was amusing- but also an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. (But I regret to say I did not get to catch the greased pig competition.)