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And this is free? Yes, please!

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Tabla and sitar and sarangi, oh my! Tonight, the Birmingham Museum of Art host a free concert of Indian music- and even threw in some good Indian snacks (provided by Taj India) during intermission. This is the sort of thing I love to attend: events that show there is culture in Alabama.

The initial bill was Pandit Ramesh Mishra, Pandit Joydeep Ghosh, and Pandit Subhen Chatterjee. Unfortunately, the volcanic ash cloud over Europe stranded Pt. Ghosh and Pt. Chatterjee at an airport in Germany. Fortunately, that meant they were replaced with five awesome Indian musicians, all residing here in the metro. Culture AND local talent? They could charge for this….

First up, an awesome father & son act…


Next up, an equally talented local trio. I didn’t manage to get them all in one shot.



Finally, the man we’d all been waiting for…and he was brilliant!


Number one son also got to play with Pt. Mishra. Dad apologized in advance for his tabla skills. Nothing to worry about- your boy did just fine! Pt. Mishra seemed very happy with his new-found precussionist.


All of the locals seemed to be apologetic for the quality of their playing (especially in the presence of a talent such as Pt. Mishra), but I’d be happy to have them play for me any day. Well done, guys!